Playing Games Improves Sight

How’s your vision? Maybe you need glasses or contact lenses but I bet your road kill spotting skills are second to none. This may be why.

The BBC are reporting that playing action games can improve an aspect of adult vision once thought to be fixed. The US study claims that games that require physical input combined with unpredictable scenarios (that rules out Resi 5 then) can help hone the areas of sight that deal with contrast sensitivity.


Contrast sensitivity is one of the first aspects of vision to diminish with age, useful for things like driving at night or in poor visibility. The improvement of this would normally involve surgery, glasses or contacts, however the results of the study could see a video game training regime. Yes, a regime.

Just imagine, Killzone 2 from the chemists, NHS prescription Sega Saturns . You can now rest easy that, despite what your mum said, games won’t ruin your eyes. A new dawn has arrived for gamers everywhere.

C’mon everyone, say it with me: “It’s for medicinal purposes!”