Publishers Interested In Home

Everyone seems to have an opinion on Home; some of us hate it, some are waiting for the untapped potential to blossom and some really like it. It seems though, that publishers are very interested in Home.  “Every major publisher is interested in Home,” Home boss Jack Buser said to GI. “Here you can speak directly to the PlayStation audience on the platform that your product is on.”

“You have publishers and brands coming into Home looking to engage with an audience, but they also have the opportunity to generate revenue. It’s a model that makes sense for everybody. It’s kind of a perfect storm.”  He also mentioned how Home has recently passed a serious milestone, of 5 million downloads.


“We’re providing the tools. And we’re providing some benchmark content to inspire and give ideas to other publishers about what’s possible and what they could do.”  Now all we have to do is hope Europe gets to see the new spaces.