PS2 Price Cut Not For UK

So here it is. Sony’s “global announcement” that was announced after GDC which got everyone confused as they didn’t announce it at GDC which would make more sense for an announcement.

As per usual the whole world went guano-insane at this “global announcement” saying it was all manor of things from firmware 2.70 to a giraffe with wings.  Even our very own cc_star went as far as say that he thought it was a PS2 price cut. Hahahahahaha oh.

Yes, he was bang on the money. The PS2 is set to drop to $99.99 in the US and €99.99 in Europe. The real kick in the teeth is that according to Sony the UK is now no longer part of Europe and as such will be getting no price cut what so ever.

I for one am ever so mildly outraged at this. Then I remember that I’ve got a PS3 and loads of excellent games and this whole thing suddenly seems so very meaningless.