PSP2 Rumor and Speculation

Occasionally we like to speculate, sometimes, if we’re feeling brave we’ll stick in a rumor or two and this one’s all about the PSP’s successor.

For a wee while there’s been the odd word from the odd unnamed source and even the odd developer who claims to have seen the PSP2/PSP4000. There’s been a whole host of possible feature leaks including sliding screens, touch screens, the omission of a UMD drive leading to thoughts of a digital download only console but none of this has ever been confirmed by Sony. The latest rumor is no different coming from an unnamed source over at Pocket Gamer who is apparently “a developer working on the new hardware” that “will arrive before Christmas.”

So here we are again with something based purely on the reputation of a single website. I won’t confirm the credibility of this claim but what I will say is that if Sony truly believes it can compete in the handheld market this is exactly the kind of console it needs to come up with.

I’ll let the italics do the talking.

“Like Apple’s newcomer, the PSP 2 will be a compact device with a large touchscreen. However, where Sony’s machine has the edge is when the touchscreen is slid open as it reveals familiar buttons, D-pads and – praise the Lord of Handhelds – dual analogue controls.

This new format should allow for both existing hardcore console titles as well as simpler touchscreen games along the lines of those currently available in the App Store. And like the App Store, the games will all be available for digital download via the PlayStation Store.”

Websites speculate all the time, but developers are a different kettle of fish. They have to make the games on the thing and Sony are likely to have been pitching it to developers long before it’s release so I’d say Dave Perry and this chap’s flapping trap isn’t as dismissible as Sony would like us to believe. The shift towards support for iPhone-like snack-type games not only makes sense, but is also reminiscent of Ray Maquire’s points regarding the previous lack of support for the original PSP. If all this is true, then that’s great, but Sony really does need to get it’s house in order because we’ve been hearing about this for yonks.

But remember: Sony don’t comment on ‘rumor and speculation.’ Maybe one day one of them will cave in and spill all the beans. I ‘m off to work on my interrogation technique.

Tipster: jonny_bolton

Source: Pocket Gamer