Easter News Roundup

You might think Easter would have been a holiday for us, but that’s not the case.  Alongside our groovy Easter Egg Hunt we’ve been doing all kinds of secret behind-the-scenes enhancements to TSA which we’ll be rolling out soon, and of course there’s always our Twitter feed which breaks stories faster than a jackhammer.  But the very fact that Christians are celebrating Jesus’ ressurrection hasn’t stopped the gaming industry from continuing its lumbering voyage; and thus here’s what you might have missed this weekend.

First up is probably the most interesting to us: Nonaka Ryutaro, the producer of Valkyria Chronicles, is considering a sequel.  Despite the game not really selling anywhere near as many copies as we would have hoped, Nonaka-san told Famitsu this week that he really wants to do a second game in the series.  This would correspond to the recently launched anime series in Japan.  For everyone that cries out about the PS3 not getting enough exclusives, the very fact that SEGA’s Valkyria is both one of the best games of last year and sadly ignored by the bald space marine lot is nothing less than criminal.  Buy Valkyria Chronicles now.


And speaking of bald space marines (and sequels), although the original crew have long since left the good ship Warhawk, it appears that Lightbox Interactive might well be stepping up for Warhawk 2.  Internet chatter this weekend has pointed to an already half done game set in outer space.  Dylan Jobe’s new team over at Lightbox would be perfect for this task, and although recent comments from Jobe on the subject are tenuous – “I can say that we have some really exciting stuff in development that our Warhawk fans and new players will love” – we can but hope that he’s talking about Warhawk 2.  In our opinion Warhawk is the perfect multiplayer game.

For fans of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, like us, the recent teaser video just wasn’t enough.  But panic not, as with all things like this more details start to emerge the closer you look – the official site has played host to a few additional trailers recently, the most interesting hinting at a Brazilian campaign if the placement of the Christ the Redeemer is indicative. Modern Warfare 2 will be released on November 10th, this year.

Finally, we tweeted yesterday about one of our favourite PSN series: PixelJunk, and more specifically PixelJunk Eden, the expansion pack for which will be released this coming week according to our good friend Dylan Cuthbert.  He couldn’t confirm whether Eden Encore would make it out in Europe on the same day, but given SCEE’s recent massive efforts to boost up the European Store content we can only assume that it will.  It’s Easter so we won’t get any confirmation from Sony ourselves until tomorrow, but as soon as we know we’ll let you know, as usual.  If you want to find out what the Trophies are for Encore, check out our exclusive news post from a couple of weeks ago.

PS: I still can’t believe nobody has found the golden easter egg.  Seriously, it’s an instant PSN Blu-ray game for the first person to find it!

Sources: PS3 Center, tips: Gamoc, XZero1299-PR