Get inFamous Early


A post up on the US blog has dropped the news that inFamous, the upcoming Prototype-clone*, will no longer be releasing in June. It will hit US stores on May 26th with a demo available to all on the PSN as of the 21st of May. No confirmation of the European release date changing yet but I would presume it will be the 29th, that being the Friday of the week that the US release has been moved to.


The post also hints at more surprises to come, which is pretty exciting.

Call me a shameless fanboy if you want but I really feel like Sony is just on the cusp of getting its act together in the past month or so. The announcement of an EU blog, screenings of upcoming stuff that leaked from GDC and continued support and development of the PSN Store are all contributing towards an extremely rare feeling for me: optimism.

*Before anyone flames me in the comments – it was a bloody joke, I know inFamous is not a Prototype clone. It doesn’t look nearly as good…

Source: US Blog, tips: CCasey123, Artefx, xzero1299-PR