Gamer Skill: Nothing To Do With Us

The world of PS3 journalism is a bloaty, overcrowded market filled with half the people trying their best to make their own corner of the world work and the other half intent on spoiling everyone’s day with ridiculous stories and hit baiting headlines. Sigh.  It’s as if nobody on the internet has read our wonderful Gaming Journalism features, or at least, this chap hasn’t, calling himself The Sixth Axis Gamer (seriously) and launching with the most stupendously innane story we’ve read all week.

Apparently, via a link on N4G, the next PS3’s Firmware has been leaked. Leaked.

And what have we learned from this leak? That each Trophy has retrospectively been assigned a ‘skill’ level based on what you needed to do to obtain that Trophy, from ‘racing’ to ‘strategy’, and that you’ll be awarded a cash-based total for your efforts. The original link actually came from this German forum post, but the site behind the N4G submission seems to have omitted that.

I’m not going to re-iterate what we talked about in our recent features, but this kind of thing makes me want to give up for good.  In terms of events like this, N4G is sadly getting worse by the day; the obviously overworked moderators need to start cracking down on this, and soon. I need some Sugar Puffs.