SingStar Trophies Delayed

Despite having a list of dates for a few days now, it appears we might have made a mistake. Except we haven’t, it’s just that the goal posts have moved. Whilst everyone got a press release yesterday claiming that the SingStar 3.01 patch would arrive today, including Trophies, the new SingStore look that we hinted at and voice control, we’ve just been told that the update is now due next week. This is a shame, as we were looking forward to belting out some Queen tonight.

“Your SingStar experience is about to get even better when the SingStar 3.01 Update for PlayStation 3 takes place early next week across PAL territories,” says the adjusted press release. “This automatic and free update from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe will bring you cool new features, trophies and a new look for My SingStar Online.” It then goes on to talk about the Trophies and the voice control function, which will now appear on the all new SingStore on the 22nd of April.