My Top Ten: Franchise Themed


I’m doing something different this week, two “top five” lists. You still get the same number of entries but added subject matter, you lucky people.

Top Five Dead Franchises I Wish Would Come Back:

  1. Road Rash – Probably the most likely on this list and if they nailed the controls it would sell like shovelware on the Wii.
  2. SSX – iPhone versions don’t count. This was the most fun you could have in a virtual snow suit. Fantastic soundtracks are a must.
  3. Sensible Soccer – Football games haven’t been as much fun since the unfortunate demise of this series. Sensible Software is long gone but Codemasters own the rights to this. Come on Codies, hook me up!
  4. Jet Set Willy – The Spectrum’s best puzzling platformer must be due for a reboot?
  5. Elite – If they can make a pretty version that’s as playable, they can print their own money. Would work perfectly as an MMO but I’d rather it was a robust single player affair with online elements.

Top Five Franchises I Wish Would Just Die:

  1. Sonic The Hedgehog – Seriously, it died years ago when they went 3D and turned him into a smug, cocky teenage nob-head. Have some dignity.
  2. Silent Hill – It was great, now it’s lost its way, renovate or retire!
  3. Pro Evolution Soccer – Controversial, I know but bear with me. It used to be a hundred times better than FIFA, now it isn’t. Kill it and re-launch something better able to compete.
  4. Lego games (the Star Wars/Indiana Jones style) – First couple were fun, now you’re stretching too hard. Lego Rock Band? Get out.
  5. Final Fantasy – I know there are people who will be apoplectic with rage at this suggestion but surely the franchise is too stretched now? When you get to number 13 it’s been rolling too long. Keep making awesome RPGs, just think of a new name!