Project Gotham Racing Onto PS3?

Yesterday we tweeted that we’d found something that suggested a previously Xbox 360 only franchise was apparently heading to the PS3 this year.  This isn’t it.  This is better. Remember Project Gotham Racing?  From the wonderful Dreamcast version right through to the epic PGR 4, the series has always been Bizarre Creations’ finest output and was visually stunning.  Activision, you may remember, now own Bizarre Creations and news of their next racer, which everyone assumes will also hit PS3 this time, has leaked out via a magazine.

The game will, according to GAF, be titled Blur.  Yes, all good race games have to have 4 letters in their name these days, and Bizarre’s latest will be no different in that respect.  According to rumours, Blur will be based in an urban development (including fictional tracks in LA, New York and London) and will feature Midnight Club-esque power ups, such as EMPs or mines.

The game will also feature a huge online presence, and will focus on Identity Cards for the players which will map to a web-based site with lots of stats, much like Killzone 2 and Halo 3.  Apparently release scheduled for the end of the year, which would suggest a huge reveal at E3, although we’re tempted to think Edge might have something up their sleeve for next month’s issue…

Via GAF.