UK Sales: PS3 In Last Place

Edge Online has revealed the definitive fanboy weaponry: the UK hardware sales since launch of all the major consoles.  Thanks to a blend of Chart Track and Game we can assume that these are as close as we’re ever going to get to being the truth, and as you’ll see below, the truth hurts.

We’ll get the worst bit over with first: the PS3 is in last place.  Yes, it launched a year and a half after the Xbox 360, and yes it does appear to be catching up, but the cold hard truth is that Microsoft’s latest is over a million units ahead.  And then there’s the Wii, Heaven only knows who’s still buying that, but at almost 5 million shifted it’s clear someone is.

  • Wii: 4.9 million (December 2006)
  • Xbox 360: 3.2 million (December 2005)
  • PS3: 1.9 million (March 2007)
  • DS: 8.8 million (March 2005)
  • PSP: 3.2 million (September 2005)
  • PS2: 10 million (November 2000)

It’s OK though, if you’re hardcore Sony enough to have shares, you’ll be happy to know that the combined sales of all current PlayStation hardware is just over 15 million units, well ahead of the Wii + DS combo of 13.7 million, which effectively leaves the Xbox 360 in last place after all.  See, we could work for Sony PR no problems.  The average sales per month is interesting too:

  • Wii: 181,481
  • 360: 82,051
  • PS3: 79,166
  • DS: 183,333
  • PSP: 78,048
  • PS2: 100,000

See, the PS3 is selling just about the same as the 360, and the sales for the PSP are encouraging too.  Oh, I feel all warm inside now, because at the start this was all doom and gloom and now it’s like looking at a beautiful blue sky with a gin and tonic in your hand.  See, at TSA we like to take you on an emotional rollercoaster, and the ride’s just ended.  Wipe off that ice cream and get back in the queue.