Uncharted 2 Gets Multiplayer

Chalk this one up as a rumour just now, but it appears Screwattack have leaked some exciting news: Uncharted 2 will have multiplayer.  According to the site, the sequel to one of the PS3’s best looking games will have a full multiplayer section, which although seperate to the main storyline will support co-op and various other Resident Evil-esque competitive options.  Co-op makes sense, you meet the new girl Chloe at the beginning of the game and she’s very much Drake’s equal.

Uncharted 2 revolves around another unsolved historical mystery, in this case Marco Polo and his doomed voyage home from China in 1292 in which he lost nearly 600 sailors from 14 of his ships.  The story is ripe for the Uncharted canon, as Polo failed to document what exactly happened to all those men and ships and if you’ve played to the end of the first Uncharted game you can probably see just where Naughty Dog might be heading, again, with the sequel.