inFamous UK Release Date

We reported recently that the US version of inFamous would hit US retail shelves on the 26th of May, but until now we’ve not had a confirmed PAL release date to speak of.  Sony has just confirmed that the date we’ll be able to get our hands on the latest PS3 exclusive is May 29th, which is now just about a month away, according to MCV.  Impressively timely, SCEE, thank you.

The game, developed by Sucker Punch, has gone from initial teaser to full blown free-roaming electrify-em-up pretty quickly, so we’re hoping that the game has had enough time to mature into the Crackdown-beater that we’re all banking on it being.  It does have a few unique qualities, such as the open-ended storyline and moral-based branching, giving the player the option to play as good or evil.


We’re donning the spandex and opting for good.  You?