Pinball Games Bouncing Onto PS3

If you have been holding off from buying a PS3 until there are some pinball games to play on it, you will want to limber up your flipper fingers and prepare your credit card for a shock as there are two pinball games launching onto the PS3’s playfield in the coming months.

First up is a PSN-exclusive, ZEN Pinball, inbound from ZEN Studios, developers of the 360’s LIVE Arcade title Pinball FX.  ZEN seem to have a bit of a thing for pinball games, having also developed ZEN Pinball: Rollercoaster for the iPhone and Flipper Critters for Nintendo’s DS, which is the only game I am aware of that blends the pinball and RPG genres.


ZEN Pinball brings more to the table than just the standard pinball game you might expect. It promises mission based challenges, online and offline multiplayer, as well as worldwide tournaments.  The game will offer four tables to begin with. The theme of each table will not be hard for you to guess given they are named V12, Tesla, Shaman and El Dorado. The game’s trailer, that you can view at Joystiq, says it will be released in Spring 2009.

Pinball aficionados are also in for a high-def treat with the arrival of the PS3 version of Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection. This is the HD remake of the PS2, PSP and Wii title. It has garnered much praise on those other platforms, with GameSpot giving it a nomination for best PSP game of 2008. The game consists of virtual replicas of a collection of classic tables Williams Electronics’s history.

No details on exactly which tables will be in the game yet, but I would expect that the list of those included in the PSP version is a good starting point; Black Knight, Firepower, Funhouse, Gorgar, Pin*Bot, Space Shuttle, Taxi, Whirlwind, Jive Time and Sorcerer. have the US release date listed as July 30th.

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