Six Days In Fallujah Dropped

There’s always been an uncertainty when it comes to making games based on current real world conflicts, especially ones surrounded with such controversy as the still ongoing Iraqi war.  The news coverage might not be so rampant but that doesn’t mean the western forces are still there without some kind of purpose or resistance.

When games based on the Vietnam war started to come out there was rampant controversy so it’s no surprise to find a backlash following the announcement of Atomic Game’s Six Days In Fallujah, a game set in a conflict that still claims lives and is still a subject of sadness for many people right now.


Despite claims that the game is impartial Konami, previously set to publish, have decided to drop the game.  Wise move I’d say.  Call of Duty4: Modern Warfare hit very close to the bone despite having much more of a Hollywood slant in the story whilst still managing to instill thought provoking situations and morality.

Making a game like Six Days impartial would suggest it to be more of a simulation which, to me, seems even more uncomfortable.  Whilst I hate to see hard work go to waste, a bad idea is a bad idea, however hard you work on it.  You never know, there’s still a chance for some other guilt free, controversial publisher to pick it up.

War ‘simulation’ is certainly a prickly subject regardless of how fresh the conflict is in people’s minds. What are your views? Do you think a game like this should’ve been given the green light?