Uncharted 2 Online Features

After quite a few days of Uncharted 2 hype, rumours and news, Naughty Dog are finally talking about what we all already know: Uncharted 2 will feature multiplayer. The details don’t stop there though, as we have now received a press release from SCEE providing more information about the multiplayer modes on offer.

  • Five-Versus-Five Player Matches Competitively
  • Up To Three Player Cooperative Modes

The 5 V 5 competitive play comes in the form of Deathmatch and Plunder (a capture the flag variant). Cooperative play enables up to 3 players multiplayer modes allow up-to-3 players to progress through a variety of environments by working together to accomplish set objectives.


The multiplayer beta will start in the US on June 3rd, and is open to anyone who grabs hold of inFamous, and the final bit of good news is that Naughty Dog apparently haven’t forgotten about beta access for us Europeans, with details to follow… In the mean time take a look at this trailer, we’ll have more news for you as soon as we receive it.