WipEout Pulse Heading To PS3?

We’re big fans of WipEout HD here at TheSixthAxis, and any news of anything WipEout related gets our hearts racing faster than a Rapier class Icaras.  So when we got a news tip in pointing to an Amazon listing for WipEout Pulse we had to take a closer look.  Naturally, WipEout fans will know that HD used a couple of tracks (Moa Therma and Metropia) from Pulse so clearly the technology and mindset is there for porting of the courses, but we’ve heard rumours ourselves that SCEE were working on expanding HD with all new courses, not creating a new disk entirely.

Amazon’s listing for Pulse PS3 suggests a release date of June 12th and a price point of £20-£25, but they do appear to be the only retailer advertising the game for pre-order just now.  We’ll chase Sony this morning and see whether this is either a) Amazon’s mistake, or b) a little sneaky leak that Sony were holding back for E3 this year.  Regardless of what happens here, we’re hopeful that the rumours we’ve been hearing come true, and that some of those cooler downloadable courses from Pure (especially the wonderful Omega pack) make their way onto WipEout HD.

Tip: bap10