Sony Discontinue PS3 Keypad?

In the most recent PS3 Firmware Sony added the ability to delve into text chatrooms, something greatly enhanced with the wireless keypad that we offered as a competition prize a little while back.  Home, too, is much improved when you’ve got the cool qwerty keypad at your fingertips.  If you were smart enough to pick one up, then, hang onto it – it might well be something of a collector’s item, as according to HMV it has been discontinued.

“We have been informed by the suppliers that this item has been discontinued from their catalogue, as the manufacturer is now longer producing the item,” says the online retailer if you try to order one. “It has therefore been cancelled from your order. Please note that you have not been charged for this item.”  If this is true, it’s a little bit bizarre, especially given the key selling points of the hardware in the first paragraph.  We’ll check with SCEE tomorrow.


Tip: Jimmy-Google