Free Music Videos Coming To PS3

We think we’ve mentioned Vidzone before, but we’ve been told it’s coming soon, so perhaps it’s time to take another look.  Vidzone is a new service that, says Sony, will bring thousands of streaming music videos to watch whenever you want, completely free of charge.  Vidzone will be exclusive to European PS3 owners, and comes in the form of a new application that you download from the Store once it’s released, it’ll then appear on your XMB and from there the world of music videos is yours for the taking.

You can also create playlists and build a library of your favourite music videos, which would be great for a party or just something to relax to on a Sunday afternoon.  Because this is the PS3, you’ll be able to rewind, fast forward and pause any video you wish, and although we’ve not been told they’re in HD, we are told the quality will be “superb”.  Cleverly, you’ll also be able to access Vidzone on your PSP via Remote Play.  As soon as we get a date we’ll let you know.


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