Stormrise Patch Cancelled

Developing patches for your games, it seems, is expensive business, and The Creative Assembly are obviously feeling the pinch. “The second patch that has been worked on by Creative Assembly will not make it into the hands of the Stormrise players,” says a spokesperson for the team, “due to costs and risks associated with testing and certifying the new changes and features.”

“Releasing patches for games is not an easy process, it requires the patch to be certified in multiple countries and divisions, which in this uncertain climate is unfortunately cost prohibitive,” the press release goes on. “To all those who were hanging out for Patch 2, I’m as genuinely disappointed as you are, and the only consolidation I can give you is to perhaps think about the amount you have enjoyed Stormrise in its current form.”


The list of fixes for the SEGA published RTS was massive, and you can certainly see the amount of effort getting this through certification would have caused.  Sadly, this just highlights the effect the current economic slowdown is having on developers around the world, and makes you grateful for any patches you do get.