Sony To Reveal Motion Sensing Controller is going out on a little limb today, reporting that Sony’s much rumoured motion sensing controller is not only ‘real’ but is also due to be shown at E3 next month. A source has told Variety that a working prototype has been available for months, and largely fits what was in the original patent – the controller apparently uses LEDs and a tiny webcam to track movement, something we at TSA feel is actually rather antiquated but we’ll see.

The camera can, the rumour says, read different coloured lights (and the shape and angle of each light) making it more accurate than the Wii-mote, which, let’s be honest, isn’t accurate at all.  If Sony’s effort can track precise movements across all six axis as well as acceleration and velocity, this could be rather cool.  Now, of course, we just need to see some compatible software, although we assume the first batch will be PSN based.

A Sony rep declined to comment, naturally.