Home’s StageSet Coming This Week

Strange, Sony’s new Home marketing strategy.  Whilst we never really appreciated the ridiculous hyperbole of E3’s last mention of Home, we would, on the other hand, at least like a press release once in a while as opposed to scraping Twitter feeds and rummaging around in Xi.  Regardless, as part of the whole Ghostbuster’s Space, Loot Gear have also been working on a machinima-based Space dubbed StageSet.


StageSet, from the movies currently floating around, appears to allow your Home Avatars to star in user-created movies. Once you’ve bought the Space (which will appear in the Estates shop, for a fee) you’ll be able to control cameras, lighting and even various special effects whilst recording your movies.  Naturally we’re expecting Star Trek sex and lots of dancing, but hey, you might want to look out for a TSA Videocast from Home real soon…

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