TSA E3 Bingo: The Staff’s Picks


It is not just you, the readers, who have picked your 12 choices from the 56 on the original TSA E3 Bingo post.  Those of us who are not allowed to win those fabulous Valkyria Chronicles art books and TSA points have had a go too.  So below, in order of popularity, are the items we have picked. After each item you’ll find the initial of the staff member, or members, who have picked it.

We will come back to these picks after E3 to see how well we did.  Though with Alex’s contacts, the smart money has to be on him beating the rest of us.  Looking at our picks, you can see that we are all jealous of the US’s PSN Video Store, fans of Team ICO’s previous two titles, are hoping somebody puts GT5 under the Christmas tree for us and think Nintendo needs to do something to reinvigorate the Wii’s sales.

  • 20. SCEA gloat about the success of the PSN Video Store. Reassure Europe it’s on the way for them. {A, P, D, L, C, N, G}
  • 28. Team ICO’s new game named and a trailer shown. {A, P, D, C, N, G}
  • 27. Gran Turismo 5 launching worldwide in time for Christmas. {P, L, C, N, G}
  • 54. Nintendo launch the Wii in a range of colours to get people buying it again. {P, D, L, N, G}
  • 5. David Cage appears on-stage to talk about Heavy Rain. {A, P, D, G}
  • 8. Zipper Interactive play MAG on-stage. {A, P, D, C}
  • 23. EyePet launch dated. {A, P, L, G}
  • 4. Kazunori Yamauchi appears on-stage to talk about Gran Turismo 5. {A, L, G}
  • 12. PS3 price to be cut by $50. {A, D, L}
  • 17. PS2 games coming to the PSN Store later in the year. {A, P, C}
  • 32. Starhawk demonstrated on the show floor. {A, C, G}
  • 1. New UMD-less PSP announced. {D, N}
  • 2. New PSP will launch in a LittleBigPlanet bundle. {D, L}
  • 6. Dylan Cuthbert appears on-stage to talk about PixelJunk 1-4. {A, G}
  • 9. Naughty Dog’s Evan Wells plays Uncharted 2’s multi-player on-stage. {D, L}
  • 16. New PS3 firmware coming later in the year that will deliver backwards-compatibility with PS2 via software. {L, C}
  • 22. Heavy Rain demo goes up on the PSN Store during E3 (2nd-4th June). {N, G}
  • 31. New PS3 peripheral announced. A motion-sensing, “wand” controller. {P, N}
  • 33. Starhawk revealed to support up to 64 players; different modes allow combat at all altitudes from the planet’s surface to orbit; persistent warfare across solar systems, similar to Tom Clancy’s EndWar’s online Global View. {D, N}
  • 36. No new PSP announced. So this is more of a non-announcement. {A, G}
  • 37. Jade Raymond promotes the PSP version of Assassin’s Creed. {P, L}
  • 39. New Killzone PSP title announced. {C, N}
  • 40. New WipEout PSP title announced. {A, P}
  • 55. Nintendo restate that third-party titles do well on the Wii. Madworld gets mentioned. Nintendo change the subject. {L, C}
  • 10. David Jaffe plays God of War III on-stage. Does not swear. Not even once. {L}
  • 14. New PS3 firmware announced. Finally the clock/battery meter conflict will be resolved. {N}
  • 18. Deal announced with MTV to bring original programming onto the PSN Video Store. {D}
  • 26. The first 3D game (in the same sense as 3D movies) will be released this calendar year. {C}
  • 29. Team ICO’s new game playable at E3. {C}
  • 35. A 250GB PS3 will be launched before Christmas. {D}
  • 41. LittleBigPlanet PSP demo goes up on the PSN Store during E3 (2nd-4th June). {P}
  • 45. A PSP version of Home is announced. Not 3D, but “space” and “avatar” based. {N}
  • 48. “PS2 Essentials” God of War I & II double game pack announced. {N}
  • 50. New range of casual games released accompanying a new controller. It looks remarkably like a black Wiimote. {C}
  • 56. E3 cancelled due to the Swine Flu pandemic. {G}