Atari Pull Out Of E3

Atari have opted out of E3 with just a couple of weeks to go, JoyStiq is reporting this evening, saying they’ve made a “proactive decision to attend but not exhibit at this year’s E3 event.” Although Atari, like most publishers, can see the benefit the event has for the industry as a whole, they are currently focused on “other selling and marketing initiatives” for their flagship (and Sony published) Ghostbusters plus any currently unannounced titles they might have.

JoyStiq contacted the ESA, which runs E3 and still has Atari listed as an exhibitor, to see if the company had already paid for their show space, but all enquiries were forwarded back to Atari. A representative for the publisher simply confirmed that they’re not attending E3 this year, and did not have any other events planned for Los Angeles during the show period. Whether this means the company is running low on the readies at the moment is anyone’s guess, but recent emails from us to their Euro PR have gone unanswered.


Via Joystiq.