Team 17 Getting Busy

In an interview today with Develop magazine Team 17 (of Worms fame) have talked about what they are doing in terms of new projects.

The most eye catching mention goes to a new version of Alien Breed which was an awesome top-down run-and-gun shooter for the Amiga (and I think DOS PCs) in the early 1990’s. It was like Doom but you had to use your imagination. Masses of fun and perfect for a little digitally distributed remake. The developers describe the modern remake, which will be available in three episodes, as “a bit like Diablo 3 meets Dead Space” which is enough to get us very excited indeed.


Don’t get too excited though, the bad news is that Team 17 are big fans of Microsoft (citing the support they get from the platform holder) so it will initially be released on XBLA only. We can hope for a PSN version though, and with Worms making the jump surely Team 17 will let us have this too, albeit after a waiting period in which we jealously glance in the XBLA’s direction.

Source: Develop

News Tip: TuffCub