EU Home Patch Incoming

True to their word, SCEE will be making Home better. As of the 21st of May, there will be another patch for you to download when you accidentally hit the Home icon instead of the Store. However, 1.21 is not just a small leap up. Oh no, this is one big list of fixes and improvements.

Take a look:



• The chat log has been updated with a number of new enhancements: By clicking the left stick you can toggle the chat log between three modes: normal, expanded and minimised. It is also possible to switch the chat log directly into expanded mode by pressing up or down on the controller d-pad.

– While minimised the chat log is reduced to a small icon in the corner of the screen.  This icon will still fade in and out to indicate whether new chat is being received.

– While expanded you can scroll through individual lines of text in the chat log.  By pressing [CROSS] with a line highlighted they are able to open an options menu for the user who spoke.

– Lines of text are coloured in the chat log to reflect the colour choice of the user who typed them.

– Your friends will now have an icon placed beside their ID in the chat log.

• Emotes are now available when text communication has been disabled.

• It is possible to target things while sat on the floor.

• The process of moving between spaces has been streamlined which should make relocating a bit faster.

• The loading time for smaller images, such as thumbnails, posters and map chips, has been reduced.


• We have reduced loading times when using the virtual stores to browse and purchase items.

• We have changed the way furniture is saved in a Club house. This should stop furniture going missing if the player placing the furniture exits Home immediately after changing the layout.

• When you log in to Home, if there is a problem retrieving your commerce information then you will be returned to the welcome screen with an error message.

• When you attempt to telephone a friend that has voice chat disabled you will now see the warning in an alert message instead of a pop-up.

• If you choose not to download an update patch for Home and then attempt to log on you will be returned to the welcome screen with an appropriate error message.

• We’ve swapped the dark grey and dark blue pop-up colours for magenta and turquoise to make text easier to read in the chat log.

• Club ownership is now indicated by a crown icon instead of a star.

• We’ve slowed down the speed at which you can rotate furniture.

Bug fixes

• Fixed a bug that could cause items of furniture placed in the Club house to go missing (this is separate from the change to make saving the layout more robust).

• Fixed a problem that could cause Home rewards to be lost after a network error.

• Fixed a bug that would cause a crash when the user is signed out of the PSN while logging on to Home.

• Fixed a bug that would send users to the wrong place if they accepted an invitation to a Personal Space just as its owner relocated elsewhere.

• The option to make cross regional telephone calls from public spaces is no longer greyed out.

• Fixed a bug where spawning inside the trigger radius of certain mini-games would result in the user automatically joining them.

• Fixed a bug that would result in a “typing” chat bubble being displayed permanently if the user muted someone while they were typing.

• Changed Game Launching error messages so that line breaks show up correctly in them now.

• Fixed a bug that would cause alert messages to remain on screen after being disconnected.

• Fixed a bug that could cause a crash if the user was disconnected while making a purchase in Home.

• The furniture placement camera will now respect the control inversion settings specified in the Menu Pad.

• Adjusted the way characters get up from seating to make them less prone to popping in and out of seats that are close together.

• Fixed a bug that would result in characters standing on top of certain types of seating after standing.

• Fixed a bug that would cause certain parts of some animations to “stick” if the character stood up while playing them (for example if the user stood up while yawning, their mouth would be stuck open).

• Fixed a bug that would allow the character to run or slide while performing spot idle animations

Along with the massive fix list, there will be more “fun and varied clothing” and wacky hairstyles. The Square will also be given an update but the changes will be unnoticeable and will require a complete re-download of the area. EA Sports Complex will be given a slight update, mainly concerning the pool tables.

It was also stated that the US update will include picture frames, something that SCEE are indecisive on due to the moderation of user generated content. We can expect to see this implemented soon though.

Source: TedTheDog (Official Forums)