Next Shop in Home: Yours

Your design here.

‘MySoti’, a user-generated content website for t-shirt designs has now entered Home, as described a few weeks back on TheSixthAxis. But are you aware of how you can participate?


MySoti have a ‘Playstation Home’ page, showing all of their t-shirt designs currently available in the ‘Threads’ store in the shopping centre in Home. All shirts have been designed by the general public, and can be purchased for £1.59/€1.79 to dress up your male or female avatar like a sackboy/girl.

If you want to turn Home from being more than just a social area, into more of a financial income, you may want to stick a few funky designs down on the MySoti site. You simply upload an image file of your creation for free, give it a markup price (how much money you want from each sale in %), and hey presto. People can instantly order your designs to be printed in the real world and sent to their house. Any design that reaches the website’s ‘most wanted’ list will be presented to both MySoti and Sony staff, the best of which will then be made available digitally within Home.

MySoti will give you about 10% (agreed closer to virtual creation) for every  t-shirt with your design sold within Home through PayPal. While this may not seem a lot , there’s a lot of people who like to do ‘pimp my avatar’ sessions at the moment. Let’s say 20 copies of your design were sold each week, you’d potentially receive £12.80/€14.40 every month, and see people running around with your shirt designs.

Getting into the ‘Most Wanted’ list needs other registered MySoti members to click the link reading ‘ILoveThis!’ on your design. So if you want your design Home-ified, you need to gather some TSA group love. No… not that. Come on, stop it now…

See how inventive you can get. ‘The Thumb’ shirts? ‘A rain and a stab’ shirts?  ‘I heart TSA’ shirts anyone?

Thanks to: MySoti, Official EU Playstation Forum