“Several Thousand” MySoti Shirts Sold in Home

Following yesterday’s news on MySoti’s ‘upload-your-design-and-sell-it-in-Home’ feature, MySoti have exclusively revealed to TheSixthAxis today that “there are easily ‘several thousand’ MySoti items a month sold within Home”, which somewhat changes the prediction of “£12.80/€14.40” income for those who upload their designs.

Let’s assume that ‘several’ means 3000. As there’re currently 12 designs/items available from MySoti, I’ve assumed that’s 250 sales per design. MySoti charge £1.59/€1.79 for each sale. Based on the undefined 10% (agreed between MySoti and yourself when uploading to Home), the user will receive £37.75/€44.75 every month.


It’s important to note that although there are 13 designs shown on the ‘PlayStation Home’ section of the MySoti website, only 12 are available in the EU Home at the moment. Considering that MySoti have only been selling user-created designs in Home less than a month and are confident of such sales, it seems that there could be a bright future for user-generated content within Home.