Echochrome Gets Party Patch

Echochrome, the now-forgotten but once darling of the PSN, will get a booster patch this Thursday, according to the official site.  The patch, known to insiders as “Uncle Geoffrey”, will feature “The Cloud”, a public place where user created levels can be instantly shared with others, rather than waiting for Sony to bundle up the non-penis ones into a pack.  Naturally, this is what Kojima has been teasing about with his clouds for weeks now.

The patch will also PlayStation Eye functionality so you can record yourself and your friends having a wild party whilst wrestling with the monochrome brain-busting puzzler, the videos of which can then be uploaded to YouTube, and weekly time challenges which will come complete with leaderboards.  There’s also an invisible quiz, where the game removes the platforms and players have to guess the stage.  All we need now is Buzz as a playable character.

No word on a Western release, but I’ve got the Japanese version anyway so I don’t give a damn.  The next time I have friends round for a post-pub session we’ll make sure to put SingStar away and whip out the old ‘Chrome for some party madness.

Tip: xzero1299-PR, w3r3w0lf, via Siliconera