PS3 Gets Small Price Cut and have lowered the price of their PS3 bundles by a massive… £10. The price cuts were available as of yesterday (18th May). has a PS3 with DualShock 3 controller, 80 GB HDD and a copy of Killzone 2 for £289.99, down from £299.99. on the other hand have the same deal but you get to chose from a range of 11 titles including Killzone 2, Resistance 2, UFC 2009: Undisputed, Damnation, The Godfather 2 and Hannah Montana: The Movie Game. Or you can substitute a game for a HDMI cable. Well, we certainly know which one we wouldn’t choose!

The news comes as Amazon’s UK game director, Chris Poad, announced that Amazon will step up a gear with its games department, stating “We want to grow our selection, stock the most products, particularly at low prices, and maintain that level of customer service.It would seem that the USA have had similar price cuts, with the price of the 80 GB model on reduced by $10 and the 160 GB version reduced by $20.


It would certainly seem a slightly odd decision to only reduce the PS3 by a paltry £10 and we very much doubt that we will see a massive spike in PlayStation 3 sales as a result. While this is not the news we have all been waiting for, £10 is better than nothing and is a step (albeit a very small one) in the right direction. At present it would seem to be the online retailers that are taking it upon themselves to reduce the price and not an official price cut from Sony, however we will update you if there is further news regarding the price of the PS3.

Source: PS3Center and MCVUK