Ratchet and Clank LBP Coming?

Ahh Twitter. Where would we be without you? It seems that yet again the internet’s fastest growing social phenomenon gets the break on the most fantastic new news.

Speaking from the Nordic Games Conference, Insomniac asked followers if they had any questions for Media Molecule’s Alex Evans while he was around. Of course the @replies came thick and fast, but it’s not the questions we’re interested in. It’s the answers.

“lbp levels coming, r&c content done, coming soon hopefully, up next for mm, big pack, bigger than mgs even”, said one tweet.

Now, unless I am to be mistaken, this this is saying that within a few months, we should see a massive Ratchet and Clank Little Big Planet update even bigger than the fantastic Metal Gear Solid one we were treated to at Christmas. Once again it seems two of my favourite games ever are colliding and I for one cannot wait.  As usual we’ll keep you posted.

Source: Twitter