Trico Tech Demo Leaked

Well, here you go.  A few people will have seen this already over the previous 12 months (the footage is from a very old version) but now the video is out in the open, so let’s all basque in the gorgeous glow of the latest Team Ico production.  This footage, which mainly serves as a tech demo, does not mean that the game will be shown at E3 – this video has been around for over a year but everyone that’s seen it has been asked to keep quiet.


The details of the video have been known since last July (at least), but PS3 blog PlayStationLifestyle has publicly leaked the entire video this morning; so whilst we’ll be checking with SCEE as soon as they’re in about the source (the important question is, how did they get hold of this, and from whom, as Sony won’t be happy) the very least we could do would be to pass on the message: Ueda, you’re a genius and we love you. Enjoy the video, which contains story spoilers.

Update: we asked Sony for the official line on the video, but we were told that they’re not commenting at all on this particular leak.