Flower Dev Gets New Talent

Here at TSA we don’t always comment on the little things that go on in the industry. People move jobs all the time and we don’t pay much attention but when it is one of EA’s most innovative producers and she jumps ship to one of the industry’s most innovative companies we thought that you might want to be told about it.

Robin Hunicke (the producer behind the Boom Blox series of games and lead designer on the Wii’s MySims) has taken a job with ThatGameCompany (Flow and Flower). We think that this is exciting for a couple of reasons. Firstly it shows that ThatGameCompany is expanding, which is good news. Secondly it shows that they are not just looking for suits to fill positions, they are hiring people with a similar outlook to the company.


Hopefully this indicates exciting times ahead for one of TSA’s favourite PSN developers.