Big Surf Island Announced

There was another announcement of an announcement this week when Criterion let us all know that they would be telling us something on their website at 4pm on Friday. We love the mystery here at TSA so we stayed up past our bedtime (it’s been a long week) F5-ing like a ninja to see what it was.

The big tease was all about the upcoming Big Surf Island DLC which adds an extra map area and 9 cars to Paradise City. When the clock ticked over and we were finally allowed to see what the fuss was about we were almost damp with anticipation. As it turns out it’s just a little video and a release date (at the end of the video). Looks like a lot of fun though.


Click the source link to see the video. Watch the video below! (Thanks Joel at EA!)

Update: We have asked Criterion for pricing information and will keep you all informed.

Update 2: Criterion have been in touch, they are not releasing pricing info at this time but more information will filter out over the next few weeks on their website. We’ll keep an eye out and try to keep you up to speed.

Source: Criterion