Kojima’s Countdown

So the countdown on Kojima Production’s cryptic website finally came to an end. The big reveal was… another countdown. So we’re counting down to countdowns now. Sometimes this industry makes me want to laugh and cry all at once.

Right, so this new countdown has the same foreboding clouds but this time they’re raining. Also, there are images that flash up if you stare at it long enough (I think, it might just be me hallucinating from “care-deficiency”). The cryptic images in this cryptic countdown spell out “5 @ E 3” So Metal Gear Solid 5 will be announced at E3 then? Probably. Can I go to bed now?


Well, no I can’t because on top of all this awesome cryptic teasing they’ve also changed their minds. Originally the countdown was timed to terminate on the 30th May but they changed it (pesky geniuses) so now it comes to a finale on 26th May. Unless they change it again.

So, unless they change their minds again then on the 26th May we can all go to the Kojima Productions website and watch the grand unveiling of… probably another countdown.

Is anyone still listening? Good, then I shall go to bed.

Source: Kojima Productions