Project Trico Set For 2009 Release?

The recent ‘leak’ of the Project Trico movie might still hold yet more surprises, as it appears that the video, which some now believe to be a staged release as opposed to anything more sinister, is cut off before the end if a couple of posters on NeoGAF are to be believed.  Firstly, a few people have told us that the video is actually meant to run five minutes, rather than the three and a bit that the one on PlayStationLifeStyle shown does, and that at the very end of the uncut, full video is a projected release date: 2009.

Now, naturally this doesn’t mean anything – the video was originally put together over a year ago and as we know, many projects overrun any timescales they might have, but it’s interesting to learn that the game, whatever it’ll end up being called, was originally meant to be with us within 7 or 8 months.  There’s also talk of a newer version of the trailer, and although we personally haven’t seen this new and improved iteration we’re salivating, literally, at the prospect of what this could contain.

We’re desperately hoping to see something new (and this time, official) on Team Ico’s third title at E3 next week.