Tomb Raider Roundup

We heard on the grapevine yesterday about Tomb Raider: Underworld recieving an unexpected (to those who don’t listen to us) trophy patch but we didn’t think it was really worthy of a whole news post all to itself.

So why is it getting a whole news post? Well, weekends are generally quiet and we don’t like leaving you hanging without a thing to read. Also, word is that the game is being added to the Platinum range of titles (and Xbox’s Classics). This generally means three things: that it has sold well, that sales have slowed and that it will be available at a reduced price.


That’s right folks, thanks to the impressive (but reportedly dissapointing – to Eidos at least) sales you can now buy Tomb Raider: Underworld for the bargain price of £19.99. That’s a full £5 cheaper than it was in Game a week after it was released and only £4.82 more expensive than Amazon are selling it for right now. Oh.

So there you go, not very exciting but it is the weekend so we like to think you’re making your own excitement.

Source: Tomb Raider Chronicles via Joystiq