Modern Warfare 2 Full Trailer

Wow. Before I start, I’d like to let you know that I really was not a fan of the first Modern Warfare’s single player. I really wasn’t too hot on it at all, and only started fully enjoying it towards the end where it got really cinematic. If my favourite parts of the last game were the final few hours, then from the looks of the full (that’s right, no more teasers) new trailer for Modern Warfare 2, my favourite parts this time will be all of it and they are going to blow the end of the last game right out of the water.

You can watch the new trailer in full on the homepage of the game’s wonderful new website as a start to your day off work and while we’re talking about days off work, you might want to book one for the game’s release: it’s out November 10th.


Enjoy your Barbecues.