Killzone 2 1.27 Patch

Killzone 2 is receiving yet another update (1.27 to be accurate) later this week. The patch adds many improvements to an already excellent online service. It is nice to see Guerrilla Games and Sony continually improving and evolving the Killzone experience and along with the new DLC that is on the way, Killzone 2 will hopefully still be at the top of most PS3 owners priorities.

A main feature of the update is a much improved system for finding and playing with friends online. The ‘Join Friend’ option now takes you automatically to your friend’s faction or squad. Eric Boltjes, the Lead Multiplayer Designer, continues on the US PlayStation Blog: “In addition, squads and their factions are now persistent over multiple games, so friends can keep playing together continuously.”


All badges are now unlocked in the Skirmish mode too and a ‘High Precision’ setting has been added to the control options. Hopefully, this should help players who are used to the frenetic speed of games such as COD 4 and Unreal Tournament 3 and are struggling to adaprt to the slightly slower pace of Killzone 2. To see the full list of improvements and the interview with Eric Boltjes, check the PlayStation Blog.

Be sure to check TSA for further details on upcoming Killzone 2 additions.

Via PlayStation Blog