Kojima Remains Silent

At 2am UK time, the Kojima teaser site finished its countdown to its mysterious information revealing, well, nothing. Instead, as before, it was replaced by yet another clock, slowly ticking down to its inevitable end.  Over the past few weeks on the run up to E3, the internet has been awash by rumours and speculation with regards to the next Kojima project and the teaser website. Well, again, none of that can be put to bed. This is big news right now and yet another countdown timer is a fairly big disappointment.

The countdown ends in 116 hours and 53 minutes at the time of writing, which by our estimation makes that around the 1st June, the date of Nintendo and Microsoft’s E3 conferences, suggesting whatever it is that Kojima is teasing (current ideas include a ‘best of’ for the 360) will be finally announced during next Monday’s events. It looks like we will have to wait just that little bit longer for any official word, then, but be sure to check TheSixthAxis for any further developments.