New Metal Gear Confirmed

The thing with countless countdowns is that, at some point, somebody’s going to spoil the party. What we didn’t expect, though, is that Kojima himself would ruin his own surprise, as a revealing interview in Famitsu PS3+PSP has kinda beaten his ticking clock to the gun. So, what’s there? Well, the article is surrounded by images of the infamous countdown, but it’s not the field we’re interested in. It’s the close ups of Big Boss and Raiden. The Big Boss image is the same one revealed during the latest reset of the countdown but the other is completely new.

Raiden, on the other hand, has his mechanical jaw and what would appear to be his ninja suit suggesting that his character is set between Sons of Liberty and Guns of the Patriots. It is also worth noting that he has a headband wrapped around his left eye, the opposite of Big Boss’s right eye patch. Could this be suggesting two different games? Metal Gear is known for it’s convoluted plot lines, but just how will the two characters occupy the same game without it feeling too ridiculous?

What makes these so interesting is the timeline which the two characters occupy. Big Boss looks older than he did in Snake Eater wearing his trademark eye patch and a badge reading “Militares Sans Frontieres”, translating to “Military Without Borders” placing him somewhere between the events of Portable Ops and the original Metal Gear.  Proper translations just now are thin on the ground, but Kojima has hinted that whoever it is with the patch is “a little different”, but seeing as how he’s confirmed in the interview that the game is part of the “orthodox Metal Gear Saga” it’s safe to say it won’t be a brand new character.

He’s not revealing the title, either, but we wouldn’t be crazy to start throwing around the number ‘five’, after all, that’s all the teaser site has shown for a week.  Once translated, the article headline has the interviewer asking “Can I possibly publish this all?” to which Kojima replies “Only if you blank out certain key words”. And blank key words they do.

So what will it be? Well, we don’t think it’ll be a typical stealth affair like MGS4. “I think the game is gonna be sold mainly in Japan,” says Kojima, “but it’s going to have a world wide release.” A niche, Eastern title, then? “We are putting a lot of work into the story, also it’s being made by the MGS4 team.”  “The place is XXXXXXX. There’s a place called XXXXXXXXX, somewhere within XXXXX. In the XXXXXXXX country, some XXX is doing XXX, during that, XXXXXX comes to [the] old guy.”

Finally he reveals that the badge on “the old man’s hat” is very important and that “not just the [badge], but the game systems are also new”. Game systems within the game? Or the console platforms we as players will play it on?

Masterful, Kojima, thanks.

Scans via Kotaku. Thanks to Tuffcub.