Xbox 360 Goes Gay

Guns, bald Space Marines and fast cars. If you’re an Xbox 360 only gamer, then the three nouns just there will more than likely comprise 90% of your gaming library – I’m not being overly stereotypical either – apart from Banjo and a few Marketplace titles like Rez and Peggle, that’s pretty much my 360 collection too.

Of course, there’s also Grand Theft Auto IV and the Microsoft exclusive DLC. First there was the tough, grissly biker-based The Lost And Damned, which fit perfectly with the demographic, but last night Rockstar announced “The Ballad Of Gay Tony” as the second download mission pack.


The announcement, which also confirmed the 1200 Point price, came with the great news for us bandwidth-strapped gamers that both sets of DLC will be sold on a standalone disc too, so we won’t need to download them. However, it’s the title of the second pack that’s got us all in a tissy.

The Ballad of Gay Tony will focus on “high-end nightlife”, nightclubs and the oft-used struggles between family and friends. Hardcore bearded men on bikes this won’t be, then, and although we’re confident that the new content will be just as great as the last, something tells us this won’t fit well with the 360’s predominantly “hardcore” image.

Hopefully, then, Rockstar will start to show us some screens of the new pack, presumably at E3, where we are also expecting Sony to say something on the whole affair: we’ve been getting hints at Grand Theft Auto IV content for our beloved black box, but if they can go one better and drop a bombshell we’ll be happy bunnies.