Angry Mob in PlayStation Home

Confused and Angry Mob

After an error with a new area within PlayStation Home’s Alternate Reality Game ‘Xi’ stopped it from opening today, an angry and confused mob surrounded the entrance, demanding they be let in. While the news-ticker in ‘The Hub’ may say that the space will instead open tomorrow, those standing in ‘Alpha Zone 3’ next to the ‘Ghost Maze’ entrance, were left unaware of the real situation, and continued to shout insults at a door.


‘Alpha Zone 3’ opened on Monday, with the first puzzle being the ‘Teamwork Maze’, encouraging players to work together through what at first seems like an invisible maze. The dance emoticons are finally put to good use, with a disco section, with dance floor, boogie lights and music. Players need to strut their thing to open up the next door. My awesome attempt at this is shown below.

Nevertheless, at the prospect of the next maze to open today, many rushed to the door of the “Ghost Maze”, which gives off the creepy sound of laughing children. With the error message appearing for all those attempting to enter, a mob became (apparently) inevitable for the Homies. Threats of using “C4” and “bubbles” to blow down the door had others approaching the crowd out of curiosity.

This isn’t the first time virtual angry mobs have broken out within PlayStation Home. When the beta first opened to the general public, many crowded around the glass doors in the ‘Home Square’, asking for it to be opened. The entrance to the ‘Party at Jess’s Apartment’ space held host to a mob party for three whole days. Mobs often use the ‘Rock’ dance move to show anger, and large crowds place their bubble machines around the area they wish to access. It’s a way of life for some within Home, and just shows how serious some people take the Alternate Reality Game. “OpenupOpenupOpenup” and “Why do they do this to us?” back up my evaluation.

The only two questions to be asked here are, are you one of them? and do you like my dancing?

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