Buzz HQ Coming to Home

If joining angry mobs in Home isn’t your thing, then the guys at Relentless Software might have something else to offer as the fantastic new EU Blog has revealed that a Buzz! space is on its way. That’s right contestants! But what will the space feature?

A: 64 player buzz quizzes
B: Quizzes with questions handpicked from the mybuzzquiz website
C: Tournaments with exclusive prizes
D: All of the above!

If you picked D then you are the winner! Your prize is pride. Whilst the release date currently only stands as being “very soon” it’s great to see Home embracing it’s community through more interactivity and user generated content. Between the user created T-shirts and quizzes, Home is starting to become something which gamers can really begin to invest in and care about.

Source EU Blog, tip: Andrew_