PSP GO! Revealed Via Qore Leak

Sony are such teases. For as long as the rumours have been out they’ve said the same old response to anything they’d rather us not report on: “We don’t comment on rumour and speculation.” Well speculate and rumour on this. Leaked pictures from Qore’s next episode show (which was accidently uploaded this afternoon and was available for anyone to download) has shown what some (but not all) of us were expecting. The PSP GO!

At first we were asking whether this was real or fake?  When posed by the general public it’s a question that brings to mind certain women’s appendages. When asked in relation to video games it brings to mind a large number of attempts by the fans and attention seekers across the glorious inter-super-highway to try and fool, con and tease the games loving public for no apparent reason what so ever.

Regardless, these images were up on the latest Qore, which was seemingly accidently launched a few days early (and has now been taken down) and they’re real.  You can still see the important PSP GO! stuff below via YouTube though, where a Sony representative talks about (and shows) LittleBigPlanet and Jak and Daxter, plus mentions Metal Gear and Gran Turismo.  The secret’s out.


There’s also press shots of the PSP ‘out there’ which we’ll not directly host, but Eurogamer have them here.  The PSP GO will have a slide-up screen (which reveals a d-pad and analog nub) and will come in 8GB and 16GB versions.  Sony’s E3 conference has seemingly lost its biggest reveal, so unless they’ve got something amazing that hasn’t been leaked yet, we won’t be getting many surprises.  As for the guy that clicked ‘upload’ – well, we feel for you, we really do.

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