New Dante’s Inferno Teaser

Our hero dodges the colossal beast’s fist with a quick roll to the side before dashing into an ancient building. He stands in the middle of a circular panel which rises through the structure as the giant beast tears into the stone walls to get at him. Diving through a window, he lands on its arm and races toward its shoulder. He leaps into the air and bounces off its face thrusting his blade bloodily into its hand before vaulting onto the roof of the ruin where a mythical woman lies in wait for him.

No, this is not a video of God of War III but instead for Dante’s Inferno, the upcoming third person hack-em-up from Visceral Games. Like every other promotional video out there right now this is merely a teaser for a full trailer which will be revealed later today. The game is due out at the end of the year and as many others have also pointed out, it is incredibly similar to God of War, a series which I love, so I look forward to this. If it can even be a fifth as good as Kratos’ adventures it will be fantastic and definitely something to look into.

There is an HD version here. The video was originally spotted at Gametrailers but it wouldn’t display properly for us and all the YouTube versions have embedding disabled.