This Week In Home

We love Ted, we really do. He communicates to us and the entire SCEE community. Over at the EU forums he has told us of SCEE plans for E3 week. Let’s break it down.

2nd/3rd June


With the Sony conference tomorrow and the Presentation Podium available we were all hoping to be able to watch the show live in Home. Well you can’t. Ted says “Given the editing and conversion process take a little time as does the upload to the servers it will be several hours before the speech is ready. In SCEE we think it will be about 1am on Wednesday morning.” Before you moan, it’s better than nothing but they do hope to have live streaming available for future events.

4th June

The Threads store will be slightly reorganised. This is mainly through the addition of a PlayStation®Home section allowing you to see what SCEE have on offer separately from other partners and games. New clothes will also be added and “the guys will also find a couple of new beards when next in the wardrobe.”

5th June

Following on from the Watchmen and Star Trek items, more promotional gear will be available on the 5th of June. We are unsure of the film being promoted at this time but we will keep you notified.

The Future

With Home gradually improving we will need more spaces to dance in. Well between mid and late June we will be able to jump into Siren Blood Curse™ and Uncharted: Drakes Fortune spaces. Great news. He also stated that “Beyond these there are quite a few spaces being worked on, some that are part of the plan to catch up with the other regions and some that are as yet unannounced anywhere.”

Home really is starting to shape up, pity about the lack of live streaming though. There’s always next year. Ted finished off his post with “There may well be more to this week than listed here. Good surprises are good, right?” Indeed they are Ted, indeed they are.

Source: EU Forums