Was The PSP Go ‘Leak’ Intentional?

Yesterday’s ‘leak‘ of the PSP Go was intially thought to be entirely down to someone accidentally uploading an episode of Qore that was seemingly meant to go live after E3.  However, a day later and just in time for E3’s big three, starting tomorrow, we’re starting to think that the whole thing might have been a little more considered than we first assumed.  Let’s look at the facts:

At some point on Saturday afternoon, whilst this author was enjoying a Magners in a Glasgow bar, we were alerted to an episode of Qore that had appeared in subscribers’ download lists.  The issue was apparently a post-E3 summary episode and included “top secret” information on the new PSP Go that would have made chronological sense viewed after Tuesday’s Sony conference.  Later yesterday afternoon the issue of Qore was removed, and no further official statement was made.

Those are the only facts, the rest is pure conjecture.

Firstly, UK commercial site Eurogamer appeared to have press shots of the PSP Go! ready, or at least their friends at Digital Foundry got got access to them rather quickly on a day you’d normally expect the site to be quiet. Likewise, all the other commercially run sites covered the ‘leak’ giving the new PSP Go massive online exposure all weekend, something normally unheard of so close to E3.

We suspect other sites had some information and the same photographs, but were under embargo and NDAs.  If this had come from an unofficial leak those sites would have still been under at least a moral requirement to not recycle and republish the news, but because the source was an official Sony one, in this case Qore, reporting on the PSP Go was a simple matter of quoting the video as the gospel.

Additionally, nothing else in the Qore episode was based on E3 2009 – there was no further discussion of anything else that may or may not be discussed at E3.  This isn’t necessarily so surprising in itself, there’s clearly a need to keep such things secret even from the Qore team, but some of the discussion during the ‘big PSP Go reveal’ appeared to be forward thinking and oddly phrased, as if it was meant to be heard before E3.

There was also no mention of price or release date which is really odd given that pricing would be the main factor in such an announcement, and the only footage shown was of LittleBigPlanet, which we knew about, and Jak and Daxter.  The presenters mentioned Gran Turismo and Metal Gear, but nothing was shown.  And finally, none of the Youtube videos or screengrabs have been taken down, and as far as we know Sony haven’t asked for them to be.

For obvious reasons for the record we’re stating that TheSixthAxis believes the recent PSP Go reveal to be nothing more than an honest accident.  However, as a few of the posters on GAF are suggesting tonight, there might well be more to this than was first suggested.  Here’s hoping, then, that Sony have kept the really big guns for Tuesday’s conference and all this – PSP Go, Trico, Slim PS3 – will gel together into one hell of a megaton event…