WipEout HD Gets Fury Expansion

As we’ve been hinting at for some time now, WipEout HD was always due to get a tasty expansion pack, and now the US Blog has revealed the first official details.  Studio Liverpool have been incredibly busy working on the pack, which will contain 8 new tracks, 13 new ship models and 3 new game modes, be available to the attending public this E3.  In terms of the new modes, the best is Eliminator which will allow you to use the full arsenal of WipEout weaponry to destroy your opponents.  As the blog says,  “forget those racing lines; this is all about destruction, with the victor being the first to reach the target score!”


The second, Zone Battle, is a variation on the old Zone mode, but with opponents, and Detonator introduces a brand new ship model to the game that will test both your piloting skills and your shooting accuracy as you accelerate through as many as 14 stages. Score points by destroying the mines that have been strewn along the track and take out the bomb on each stage to earn additional points. The more accurate you are the more points and bonuses you will score!

The track list is:

Modesto Heights forward,
Modesto Heights reverse,
Tech De Ra forwards,
Tech De Ra reverse,
The Amphiseum forward,
The Amphiseum reverse,
Talon’s Junction forward,
Talon’s Junction reverse,

and the four Zone tracks are:

Corridon 12,
Pro Tozo.

The expansion will be available this Summer exclusively on the PlayStation Network.