Buzz! Quiz World Shown At E3

Yes, we know, it’s yet another Buzz! game. After the release of Buzz! Quiz TV on PS3, we thought Sony would update the game with patches and question packs, but it would seem that they are going down the route of producing more BluRays.

Nevertheless, Buzz! Quiz World does sound pretty good. The usual Buzz! Features are there (extreme competitiveness, wireless buzzers and general knowledge questions), but the new title adds a few new additions. First of all, Buzz himself can now speak your name out loud, instead of the usual “player one”. So now, he can direct insults directly at you! What we would love is if Buzz could read out your own quizzes made through the MyBuzz! service, but perhaps this would be one step too far.

In addition, you can finally play 4 vs. 4 online between groups of friends. This was thought to have been included in the very first PS3 Buzz game, but alas, it was not the case. However, it is great to see this finally being implemented and we can’t wait to try it out. Buzz! Quiz World will have over 5000 new questions, new round types and new characters.

Not only will it be released on PS3, but on PSP too. The PSP version will be scaled down with 4,500 questions and a pass-the-PSP game mode. You will be able to download extra questions for the PSP version for the first time too.

In conclusion, some very impressive features, but no release dates as yet. Check out the video for the game below. Expect to hit the shelves in time for Christmas and check the TSA for more information as when we get it.

Via Eurogamer